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Martin Levinson is a retired solicitor who works as a consultant with TBI Law. He qualified as a solicitor over 47 years ago and has spent 45 of those years specialising in employment law, residential property law and commercial property law and his relationship with Novus Wealth goes back to a time before the company existed.  

Martin said: "I formed a business relationship with the three directors of Novus  Wealth, Jon Sturrock, Ben Danson and Nick Braun following an introduction from a former colleague of theirs many years ago.

They are experts in SIPP and SSAS, which are effectively self-invested pension plans, offering greater flexibility which enables investors and members the ability to buy commercial property and hold this as part of their pension arrangements.  

My relationship with Novus was cemented when TBI had a pension arrangement for the firm’s partners and wanted to break up that arrangement.

Nobody had the expertise to unravel the plan until I had the idea of going to my contact which led to Jon and Ben becoming the financial advisors to not only myself but a number of the partners at TBI Law.

Novus are specialists and I have recommended them to a number of clients over the years. Something which I wouldn’t do if I didn’t have total confidence in everything they do.

Because of the relationship I have with my clients I often get asked a series of questions that don’t specifically relate to the field I have expertise in.

Over the years I have built a list of people that I can contact and invariably get some sort of quick advice or set up a brief meeting where I can pick their brains and they can pick mine.

One of the most important factors of being a successful solicitor has been the fact I’m always available. For years I have diverted calls to my mobile meaning if anyone wanted to contact me morning, noon or night. I would be available. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get through to your professional advisor, whether that is a solicitor, an accountant or a financial advisor.

That reactivity and availability is something that Novus has clearly adopted as their philosophy. They are open minded to new developments in financial planning and they are a safe pair of hands.

When I am speaking to clients about property, we don’t just speak about property. We discuss their general affairs also and although they may not realise it, in some instances it becomes apparent that what they need is a good IFA.

Sometimes they have had a bad advisor who has led them astray or given them bad advice and sometimes they have no advisor at all and have undertaken everything themselves.

Over my career, I have been able to spot opportunities for my clients that will benefit them and that is why I have always referred them to Novus. 

As solicitors it is easy to do your job and move onto the next one. By going over and above and making sure all aspects of our clients' lives are a success, means they are likely to not only remain loyal clients, but bring in fresh business. That should be the aim of every solicitor in all dealings with clients, to provide an all-round service and not just to deal with the problem at hand.

Sometimes clients are looking to purchase a property and they find it difficult to raise the finance. By asking them about their pension arrangements and identifying their potential to have a SSIP or a SSAS to buy a property, then you’re also identifying their need to have a proper financial advisor and every solicitor who deals with property should be alert to this. 

Of course, there are a lot of financial advisors in the north east but not many have the experience with SIPP and SSAS pensions that Novus possesses.

I’ve recommended clients from all walks of life and even put my own private pension with them.

Many IFAs have come to me over the years and offered me a commission for referrals. For me that is not a good enough reason to recommend a professional you recommend for what is best for your client and not what is best for you.

As a professional you have to be careful to protect your own reputation and only recommend people you have total confidence in, and this is why I have worked with Novus Wealth throughout my career.

If you’re interested in speaking with self-invested pension specialists or indeed, wish to discuss financial planning in general, then go to or get in touch with the team at Novus Wealth Management on 01740 667099. 

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